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We have specially developed a series of training and support programs to help you to expand your Saucon experience to its fullest. Listed below are the topics and programs offered. If you do not see the training or support program you were looking for, contact our customer support at

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Training Program A

For Administrators - Driver Log Training for Administrators

This training is designed for safety administrators who manage HOS at their companies. It is also useful for dispatch personnel who may need access to certain HOS reports.

Topics in this training are geared at helping you keep your drivers' logs in an 'audit-ready' state, and include:

- How to activate drivers for electronic logs.
- How to edit drivers' logs in the TDS Portal.
- Which reports to run daily, or frequently, to support your HOS needs.

Training Program B

Saucon Touch for DRIVERS - Driver Log Training

Note: This training will cover electronic logs on the Saucon Touch display only - and NOT on the "Navman" display. This training is designed for DRIVERS learning electronic logs, or the administrators who need to train and support them.

Topics covered include:

- How to use the onboard Saucon Touch Display to log electronically.
- How to access and use Saucon's My Driver Log website, and iOS and Android Driver Log apps.

Training Program C

Basic Portal Training

This training is designed to review the basic functionality of the Saucon TDS Portal for new users.

The itinerary will cover: 

- Asset Monitoring
- Map
- Reports
- Monitors/Alert Log
- Employees

Training Program D

Service Scheduling for Administrators Training

This training is designed for administrators who manage service scheduling at their companies. It may also be useful for dispatch personal.

The itinerary includes a step by step tutorial from creating stops to dispatching:

- Creating stops, routes, schedules, and trips in Schedule Designer
- Drawing route paths in Stop to Stop Management
- Reviewing and publishing services
- Assigning drivers and assets to dispatch

Training Program E

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) Training

This training is designed for the DVIR administrator who manages DVIR at their companies, the training focuses on the Administrative set up and on how drivers use DVIRs on the Touch display.

Topics covered:

- How to create your DVIR form
- How to set up Notifications
- How to use the DVIR form - Process flow
- Portal Report/views