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Our solutions are transforming the way people move, and making a daily impact on the how our clients manage their business. Roads and passengers are safer, vehicles are better maintained and bus transportation businesses are more profitable. Here’s what some of our industry partners have to say …


"Not only does Saucon offer a quality product at a competitive price, the level of support we receive from the Saucon team is unsurpassed. From issue resolution to support in a compliance audit, the Saucon team has always made time to respond and support us in a timely manner. I trust the Saucon team, and would recommend them to any carrier looking for a telematics/ELD solution."

Chris Hamilton,
Director, Safety & Human Resources
Ramblin Express

"We've been spoiled. Saucon has provided everything we need to move our fleet forward."

Kevin Fischer,
Vice President of Operations
Transportation Charter Services

"Saucon’s lead technician has been terrific in working with our team, especially when we learned he was to be on vacation! We really appreciate his above and beyond help."

Tom McCaughey,
Flagship Trailways

"Saucon’s GPS system has been a great asset. Being able to locate our buses has been a huge help and allows us to determine ETAs. The electronic logs are working well, and the video footage has been beneficial when determining fault in incidents on the road."

Cameron Colon,
Director of Project Management
C&J Bus Lines

"The Electronic Driver Log (ELD) is so easy to use, and has saved us tons of time. We love it!"

Elizabeth & Joe Hall
John Hall’s Alaska Cruises & Tours

"Saucon just works, period. It does what it is designed to do and works every time. They’ve saved our company time, hassle and a lot of money."

Scott Margolin,
Coachman Luxury Transport

"Saucon’s video technology has helped Black Tie Transportation multiple times. It’s given us the ability to review situations to help us avoid litigation, which has saved us thousands of dollars. Our multi-camera system with both internal and external views has helped us proactively identify disruptive passengers that could have led to catastrophic situations had the driver not acted promptly. We also routinely use video for behavior modification to minimize preventable incidents."

Jeff Shanker,
Chief Strategy Officer
Black Tie Transportation

"Academy Express operates a fleet of over 500 vehicles in the New York and New Jersey region. All Academy coaches are equipped with Saucon systems. Academy has been very impressed with the level of service provided by Saucon over the years."

Alan Bibeau,
Director of IT
Academy Express LLC

"We’ve received overwhelming positive feedback from our customers."

Cam Kephart,
General Manager
Susquehanna Transit

"We are very pleased with the Saucon system and the benefits it provides. I know it was and continues to be a good investment in our operations."

Bruce Hash,
American Interstate

"Everyone I've worked with has been professional and courteous. The product just works."

Steven Walker,
Information Technology Director
South Burlington School District, VT

"The engine code alert system works great. Bus 27 failed and we knew what happened before the driver. He was shocked as we told him exactly what to do."

Joseph Lalley,
Branch Supervisor
Cornell University

"Working with Saucon has been an absolute pleasure. They understood Moravian's needs before I did."

Scott Hughes,
Chief Information Officer
Moravian College

"Indian Trails is a long-time customer, and we recently decided to go all in with Saucon. Today, we use GPS, ELD, DVIR, maintenance and passenger WiFi."

Jeff Hutchinson,
Operations Director
Indian Trails, Owosso, MI
tcs logo

TCS - Transportation Charter Services

Over the past 30 years, Transportation Charter Services (TCS) has earned a reputation as a leader in the charter bus industry. Based out of Los Angeles and Orange County, TCS services communities throughout the Western US and Canada. The company is widely respected for continuously improving their skills, knowledge and ability to create exceptional customer experiences.

Our Challenge

As one of North America’s industry leaders, it is essential that the TCS fleet and team members continue to lead the way. The company recognized an opportunity to strengthen their leadership position by supporting their operation with the most sophisticated software and technology platforms available.

Our Solution

We developed a suite of advanced fleet technologies accessed through an onboard controller, to provide crucial insights into key performance metrics. The engine codes and driver report card data generated by the Saucon system have allowed TCS to evaluate driver performance, provide training and proactively implement new procedures, all while creating a safer and more efficient operating environment.

Our Result

As the company’s business needs evolve, our solutions have evolved in tandem to enable TCS to perpetually improve their service offering. Today, TCS continues to analyze data to help them make better decisions and enjoy exceptional ROI on the solutions we provide.

tcs bus
quick logo

Quick's Bus Company

Quick’s Bus Company is a family-owned and operated company in the charter bus industry with a fleet of 32 motorcoaches serving the state of Virginia. Quick’s travels over a million miles annually across the United States, providing services for organizational and recreational group tours.

Our Challenge

After four years of experiencing poor service and results with another telematics provider, Quick’s approached Saucon to upgrade their fleet’s GPS tracking, electronic driver logs and IFTA reporting solutions. The company wanted a fixed, ruggedized device that is dependable and easy to use.

Our Solution

Working closely with the Quick’s Bus team, Saucon assessed their fleet’s telematics needs, analyzed why their previous solutions had gone wrong and how we could collaboratively develop custom solutions that would be miles ahead of anything they’d experienced before. We decided to start with a simple four-staged pilot for Quick’s to trial and the client was blown away. The company’s drivers, in particular, appreciated that they could view driver logs and track coaches from their smartphone.

Our Results

The pilot was so successful in exceeding expectations, Saucon started exploring other opportunities for innovation with the Quick’s team. Through our consultation sessions, we learned of their concerns regarding liability and insurance claims issues, and implemented our video solution to resounding success. We are now about to enter the next exciting phase with Quick’s – empowering their passengers’ experience with on-board WiFi.

Quick's bus
coachman luxury logo

Coachman Luxury Transport

Since 1991, Coachman Luxury Transport has been serving the Long Island community with luxury ground transportation. The company’s fleet includes charter, coach and luxury buses, motorcoaches, luxury vehicles, limousines, SUVs and executive town cars.

Our Challenge

Scott Margolin, President of Coachman Luxury Transport, was frustrated by the telematics solutions his company was using at the time. Prior to contacting Saucon, he had tried two other providers and found their solutions overly complicated and only worked half the time… at best.

Our Solution

Saucon sat down with Scott to understand Coachman’s luxury service model, to better develop a unique suite of solutions that would answer to his company’s day-to-day needs and long-term goals. Our proposed solutions included ELD equipment in the event of a compliance audit, GPS tracking and more. Saucon soon had the Coachman fleet up and running with our devices and software, and to Scott’s relief everything worked exceptionally… and continues to work consistently, dependably, to this very day.

Our Results

Following on our initial success, we sat down with Scott again and brainstormed other opportunities for innovation. Given their luxury service offering, we realized we had an opportunity to enhance the rider experience with complimentary on-board WiFi, and installed our systems again to high client satisfaction. Scott has since become one of our greatest supporters, helping spread the word about Saucon to other coach operators: “Saucon just works, period. It does what it is designed to do and works every time. They’ve saved our company time, hassle and a lot of money.”

Coachman Luxury Transport bus
Black Tie Transportation logo

Black Tie Transportation

Black Tie Transportation is a luxury transportation service provider operating in North Carolina since 1989. The company operates to the highest standards of excellence – their luxury vehicles are kept in peak appearance and performance, and drivers routinely arrive 15 minutes early so clients have one less thing to worry about.

Our Challenge

As a luxury-level transportation firm, Black Tie has uncompromising standards for vehicle operation and performance. The company had already embraced data and analytics to enable greater compliance protocols and best practices, but identified an opportunity to parse this data further for even greater efficiencies and cost savings. Black Tie knew of Saucon’s reputation through our involvement in industry associations and approached us to consult on a range of bespoke solutions.

Our Solution

Saucon sat down with Jeff Shanker, Black Tie’s Chief Strategy Officer, to understand what systems the company already had in place and to identify the greatest areas of need. Together, we zeroed in on our ELD solution as a way to help Black Tie augment their maintenance processes and ensure each vehicle performs at its peak. Jeff was also excited about our onboard video and security solutions, and our soon-to-be released compliance module as a means to streamline their backend systems.

Our Results

Through our collaboration, Jeff has learned “Saucon is not simply a provider but a business partner that works with us to provide data analysis, compliance and best practices for our operations that increase efficiencies and profitability.” When Black Tie had to undergo an IFTA audit, the quality of data Saucon provided was so concise it actually “broke” the auditor’s program; when the filings were eventually compared, Black Tie received a refund for overpayment. The company has also addressed vehicle idling issues through their daily reports, and has implemented a new three-P maintenance approach (Proactive, Preventative & Predictive) based on the strength of the Saucon system. A recent investment in Saucon’s video technology has also helped the company avoid litigation, saving them thousands of dollars.

Black Tie Transportation bus
cit logo

CIT Signature Transportation

CIT provides a variety of bus transportation solutions, serving centers such as Iowa State University, University of Iowa, Regina Catholic Education Center, the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau, CyRide and NADC Labs.

Our Challenge

Though CIT was already providing exceptional service to their customers, the company recognized the need to update their rider experience technologies and empower their passengers with the next generation in comfort and convenience systems. CIT asked us to consult on ways to update their existing fleet’s wireless capabilities and develop affordable, customized solutions that would meet their needs today and tomorrow.

Our Solution

We developed a coordinated WiFi and GPS solution that was practically turnkey. New WiFi service provided CIT clients with dependable, broadband-speed wireless service throughout their journey, and GPS bus tracking information gave passengers up-to-the-minute details on next-bus arrival times. We also integrated fleet-health reporting technologies to improve additional operating efficiencies.

Our Result

Across the board, riders were delighted with the new technologies installed in the CIT fleet. Additionally, the company found significant value in the system’s reporting tools, leading to drastic improvements in vehicle and driver performance.

cit bus
Public Transit 2
Public Transit 3
Public Transit 4

South Burlington School District

The South Burlington School District operates within the Burlington, Vermont metropolitan area. The District is comprised of five schools: three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The organization manages its own school bus fleet to service the local student community.

Our Challenge

South Burlington School District provides schooling to families within a wide geographical area; some students travel a little over an hour via school bus each way. The district recognized the need to install on-board WiFi to make these lengthy trips a more manageable ride.

Our Solution

We started by installing our on-board WiFi system on just one bus so the district could try our system and gauge the result. The trial was a success, and we were asked to implement our system for the other buses on their long-distance routes the following year.

Our Result

Our first installation was in the fall of 2010, with program rollout in fall 2011. Across all installations, over all the years, South Burlington School District has never had a problem with any of the systems. They simply work. Meanwhile, all the district’s long-distance passengers have enjoyed dependable, broadband-speed connectivity throughout their rides.

burlington school district building
School Bus 2
School Bus 3
School Bus 4